Backyard renovated

Adi has got one more space to play around at home. A green grass carpet has been fixed at our backyard. These days we have reserved some evening time every day to spend at back yard. Helen patti also joins us for a while and Adi updates her about school happenings.

The second paragragh of this post speaks about our friendly neighbors. Adi also plays for a while with Einstein (new pet at next door) of course with fence in between. She had not dared to touch or go near him yet. He is super fast in grabbing/catching the balls. Adi throws the ball few times from this side of the fence and he catches and brings it back to her to throw again.Einstein enjoys playing with Adi.

On a sad note Tootsi (Helen patti’s pet) had passed away couple of weeks back. Adi used to call patti by name “Tootsi patti”. We told Adi that Tootsi had gone to a safer place to join her other dog friends and we should call patti as “Helen patti”. Also, told her that she is free to talk about Tootsi to us but not to Helen patti. Adi had lot of questions about Tootsi for initial one week but now she is okay and started addressing patti as “Helen patti”.

I could see how Helen patti controls her tears when Adi by accident talks about Tootsi. Emotions are same across globe.



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