First robbery experience @ home

On Friday – July 10th we reached home late after grocery shopping and dining out. We dined at a non-veg buffet indian restaurant. On our way back we had a pretty long chat with our neighbors’. I must say few words about my neighbours here.

They are 4 amazing old ladies (sweet sisters) living in the same building but in different portions. They are named Helen (Adi calls her Tootsi patti as she has a dog named Tootsi), Katherine and Tom, Mary and Peggy. Tootsi patti is Adi’s favorite and Adi definitely has a ball when she is given a chance to exhibit all her new learning’s to them. Friday was one such day.. Adi was spelling many three letter words, spelling one to ten in words, singing new rhymes and cartoon theme songs (barney, caillou, PBS sprout, bearstein bears), performing oral math addition and in fact teaching the spelling of few three letter words to the patti’s gang and treating them with rewards …

Getting into the real incident, after this long chat we entered our apartment and M (refers my husband) before inserting the key into the lock found that somebody had tried hard to open the door.. We were astonished.. Reached out to the patti’s for help and they gave us the local police station number. We called the Cops and waited outside for them to come and open the door as we were not sure if the unknown had made it into the apartment. Cops came in after 20 minutes and it was like a filmy moment… Cops opened the door and went inside step by step with loaded gun in their hand… They made it to each room one by one and confirmed that nobody is in. Then, we stepped inside the apartment, they wrote something on a piece of paper and gave us the file #. Meanwhile, we also passed the message to our apartment’s super and the owner. On lighter note here, Adi wanted to pee when we were waiting for the Cops outside … what can I do ? Took her to backyard through common doorway and asked her if she is okay to pee in open (nobody was around and it was dark) she denied for a while but then the nature’s call won and she agreed to it.. It was definitely an unwilling moment for her.. After giving the file # the cops left and it took a while for us to settle down and go to bed. Our kind neighbors’ were with us till the cops left. You can easily imagine the kind of sleep we would have had on that night. I woke up couple of times and Adi was also crying unusual in sleep. Luckily, the owner was in town and he made a personal visit on Saturday. The main reason for this incident is the apartment main common door was left open. Owner had agreed to change that into auto lock door, replace our front door lock and also replace the backyard sliding door lock as it was not locking properly.

M stayed at home today (Monday) as we did not want to take the risk of locking the half broken door and just heard from him that locksmith and owner are at home now. locksmith started his work.. Hope the locks will be fixed by today..

I feel like having more new experiences in daily life after starting this blog giving me a big chance to write more..

It can even be like this I have become more conscious in watching for topics to write in this blog…

Either way I am happy if the blog continues to grow…


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