All of a sudden the family was affected by ice-cream-o-mania and to quench the craving we bought two boxes of kones and popsicles and an ice cream cake last weekend. With no doubt Adi cut the cake and we had a big treat. She would dare to even share the cake cutter with us. If its cake cutting at home then the unwritten rule is Adi should honor cutting be it anybody’s birthday. I had 3 kones, 1 popsicle and two slices of cake over the weekend. You can imagine where I would have landed by now. Yes, you are right two days of throat pain not allowing to even swallow saliva at peace.

Remains are still at home waiting to treat us coming weekend. No ice creams on weekdays as the families tolerance to handle illness on weekday is very poor. I am not an ice cream girl but don’t know how I developed sudden liking. My throat is begging my heart not to have more ice creams coming weekend. Debate is still going on. Let me see who wins throat or heart? I suspect its heart as mouth just joined heart by watering already…

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