Archive | July 16, 2009

Almost 5 years old trouble

Adi at home getting ready to summer camp

Adi: Appa, I don’t love you.
M: yes I know you will not love me because I bought chocolates for you yesterday
Adi: yes, that’s right I don’t love you because you are not bringing chocolates everyday for me
M: also for the reason I bought you lollipop’s the other day

I didn’t hear above conversation. Adi came rushing to me and said

Adi: Mommy, we shall buy 5 lollipops on this weekend
Me: yes, sure honey (I was not ready to handle any tantrum in the morning)
Adi: do you know why I said 5?
Me: no ma, amma don’t know that
Adi: because I am going to be almost 5 years old (FYI – she turned 4 just 2 months back)
Me: oh okay. We shall definitely buy 5 lollipops

M joins the conversation

M: then, for tonight’s dinner you should eat 5 chapatti’s as you are going to be almost 5

A long pause from Adi, she just turned to me and said in lower voice. Mommy we shall buy 5 lollipops okay? I nodded my head

Adi in bus on the way to summer camp

Adi: Amma, ennamo theriyuma? (This is how she starts a dialogue) – (Eng: do you know something?)
Me: Ennamma?
Adi: Daddy sollaranga, naa 5 chapatti’s sapidanumaam (with a very sad gesture) – (Eng : Daddy is saying I should eat 5 chapatti’s)
Me: I thought for a moment , hugged her and said I have a plan
Adi: what’s that ?
Me: Let’s make one chapatti, cut it into 5 pieces and tell daddy that you had 5 chapatti’s
(what an Idea!! perfect mommy… I know what’s running in your mind now – urupitta mathiri thaan )
Adi: Wow !!! Thank you very much mommy. Like you did the other day. Let’s keep the egg omelets inside chapatti, fold it and cut them like pizza pieces in triangle shape.
Me: perfect… I can do it as you wish.
Adi: I love you so much mommy…

P.S: M didn’t know this idea yet…

Yet another dialogue in the evening

Adi: Amma, ennamo theriyuma? (Dialogue starts…)
Me: Ennamma?
Adi: I have cold and cough. Whoever has cold and cough will never do their writing
Me: But, you just drank mango juice.. Whoever has cold and cough will not drink cold juice too…

She did not respond and went to her room for playing….. There ends the writing for yesterday. She did not write much and I also did not force her…