Weekend – long awaiting wish fulfilled

This weekend was little busy. On Saturday we went to flushing Vinayagar temple and Times Square. Made it to NY Toysurus after a long time.. It was very refreshing to see many big plush toys around. Naturally, we bought couple of items for Adi (I am worth a big applause if I hit for that matter any store with Adi and come out without billing anything for her), roamed around NY streets till 10pm and then returned home.

On Sunday, a long awaiting wish of mine got fulfilled. yes, we made it for the portrait session. I fixed for an appointment at 1:30 and they asked us to be there 15 minutes before the appointment. The family promised each other to step out at 12:30 so that we can make it by 1:10 to the studios. I woke up early than usual on Sunday … Had my cup of coffee, prepared breakfast, lunch, bath Adi, pack up dress and
accessories for the photo session and by then the clock was hitting 12 and 6 (you are right 12:30) … M helped to feed lunch to Adi. Next 30 minutes the family was busy in dressing up and having lunch. Finally we stepped out when the clock was on one and ten and made it to the studios at 1:30. This is unusual as we made it on the time. The family always runs late be it any appointments.

At the studios they made us wait for few more minutes and gave us 5 minutes to dress up. As I planned to wear silk saree didn’t take the chance of wearing it from home. If I decided to wear at home we would have definitely reached the studios to say good night to all workers there. We dressed up in the next 15 minutes (this is a record break for me as I wore saree without anybody’s help in 10 minutes. 5 minutes was spent for dressing up Adi. she wore silk full length skirt and blouse) and posed for a set of pictures in next 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the photographer didn’t give us chance to change the second dress as we were already running late by 15 minutes and he was working on his lunch hour. Myself and Adi planned to wear gagra choli for the next set 😦

Adi was well behaving and was very excited in giving all different poses. Anyways, finally the pictures looked very nice and we ordered couple of them in different size. We might get them delivered in a week or so. Also,bought the online copies of all pictures.

From morning I had seen the online version umpteenth time. I love those pictures.

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