Archive | July 26, 2009

Vinayakar Chathurthi 2009

Starting was not as good as the ending.

I came to know about chathurthi from Mom only on Saturday. We were out for M’s dental appointment all day Saturday and had very less time for preparations. I have already mentioned in the blog that I am not a kitchen expert and cooking special dishes cannot be done without ample pre-preparation time. First hit is got up early to make things ready for pooja, managed to roam around the house for 30 minutes and then went back to sleep to catch up with other two. Finally, we all together got up late than usual.

Next, the kozhukattai outer covering rice dough and stuffing consistency has become little watery than it was supposed to be. Working up the flour/stuffing was not an option as there was no more stock of rice flour and jaggery. Pity me. Dejected by many tries I was about to through them away. Then, M involved and succeeded in making kozhukattai kind of stuff (the shape and taste was okay). I made masala vadai for my part. That was decent enough.

Pooja was done early afternoon. Adi was made aware of ganesha, his appearance and what special we cook to offer him. She was able to pronounce vinayakar chathurthi. Sometimes she says vinayakar’s birthday. I was happy as she did not demand for cake cutting.

Late evening we went to a nearby temple and she was again refreshed with all stories about chathurthi.

On Monday, the way back home from school one of my friend was asking as “how was ganesh pooja celebration at your home?” Adi promptly corrected her as “Aunty it was not ganesh pooja it was god vinayakar’s birthday they call it as vinayakar chathurthi” Being away from home my main motive of celebrating festivals is to make Adi aware of them and I was happy that the mission is accomplished.