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Homework saga begins


Here comes the official announcement of the launch of Adi’s homework saga ..

She got a math addition paper from her summer camp last day and this triggered the writing cold war happening between me and Adi for a while. This time it was not that worse as before.

As usual, she did all the stuff one by one after reaching home and there came the writing slot. My goal was to at least make her complete the homework sheet. I did not wish too much and kept aside all her normal writing stuff. The paper had around 24 additions 6 in each row.. We sat near the backyard door and she started with the math. After she finished two we heard some noise in backyard. It was the residents in top floor. They were preparing for barbecue. You guessed it right. Adi got a chance for distraction. She would have toggled in and out of the backyard door one hundredth time before finishing the paper. She started it roughly around 6:30pm and finished the paper around 8pm… This was the episode

1. Do one math
2. Check the barbecue status
3. Check if her dad is safe in living room browsing laptop
4. Check if her toys are safe in playroom
5. Change the numbers 1.2.3 in table fan to check air speed
6. Count the papers in her writing pad
7. Check if her pencil has lead to write
8. Go around the whole house once for no reason
9. Check the barbecue status again
10. Try to initiate a dialogue with me
(mamma ennannu theriyuma ? {Eng: Mamma do you know something?})
I did not respond at all so she fails in that.
11. Count how many more math she has to do

Repeat all above things from point two (note down here that point 1 is missed) again Finally come back to the next math with no other option… After finishing next math follow all above checks religiously As I promised in the earlier writing post I did not pester her much and she took her own 1.5 hours to do 24 additions I was happy that she did not give up in the middle and managed to finish the paper.
Never mind the countless breaks in-between the work is done end of day. Yet another interesting(?) stuff is that she figured out two things and acted smartly

1. In first two rows the answer was mostly adding one to the previous answer
2. The third and fourth row are copy of first and second so it was a matter of copying the answer from first two rows.

M claimed that she is genetically right here and proved to be his daughter (finding all shortcuts)

This did not disturb me much as I am aware that she is good at basic addition concepts

Proudly leaving you all with the click of the completed sheet…

fifth cool mobile

We renewed the contract with the cell phone career and bought two new phones. The picture says it all. I took the flip flop model. This is the fifth mobile I am changing in last 3 years. My mobile list ranges from windows pc to Motorola basic model.I had the same problem with all mobiles… the display shuts off …

The career activated a new sim card leaving me to figure out a way to transfer my address book from old to new. It’s a pain to key in all the numbers again. Just then heard that the career showroom can do this sim-to-sim transfer in minutes. It really worked and saved 2 hours for me.I visited a nearby showroom and they transferred all data for me at no cost. Cool isn’t it?

Weekend – birthday party and spinach paratha

Saturday, we attended Shiva’s (M’s colleague son) birthday party and Adi had a ball playing with other kids. We had lunch over there and returned home around 3 pm.  Adi has made a birthday card for Shiva. The card had a flower and sun in the front and loads of hearts inside.
I missed to click it. These days she is able to draw flower with leaves, sun, house and Elmo… very good in matching the colors too I pretend to mix the colors as purple for sun and she teaches me that only yellow or orange can go for Sun and leaves should be in green…
Those are special moments you feel so much proud when the kid teaches you something new they learned recently…. It makes it more special with their modulation… Aiyyooo mamma you don’t know anything.. Have you ever looked at sun? What is its color? Is it purple? You are wrong … it should be only yellow or orange…  I tell her as oh am sorry-ma I forgot. Yes you are correct let’s color it as you said.
Now, I think of a moment when she corrected her papa in a similar way… that will follow as another post.

For dinner I tried stuffed spinach paratha. This is the second time I am trying and it came out pretty well.

Added the recipe to my cooking diary and here is it for your view…

Sunday, I made ven pongal after a long time for breakfast and pepper chicken gravy/rasam for lunch. We stayed at home all day and did all long pending household work… The weather was pleasant and it rained heavily for 30 minutes in the evening. We even witnessed icy rain… Once in blue, on Sunday I wished to spend some time at backyard with Adi in the evening but the rain wiped off my wish 😦