Archive | July 29, 2009

where is the bathroom?

Scene: M brushing and stepped into the dining room to say something to me

Adi: Appa, where do we usually brush?
M: can’t avoid the scene though he knows where she goes
Responds as “In the bathroom pappa”
Adi: with both hands on her hips, raising her head, starring at him Is this your bathroom?
M: with a sad face “No pappa”
Adi: what room is this?
M: stares at her
Adi: bathil sollunga (Eng : give me an answer). What room is this ?
M: dining room
Adi: then, why are you brushing here? get out of this place you yuckyy boy

M was already in bathroom before she finish above sentence..

Adi continued with her philosophy for next 15 minutes nonstop.

Amma, look at what he has done, he is a yuckyy boy, don’t give him breakfast today, Let’s not be his friends anymore as we are good girls, good girls always brush at the right place like you and me right mommy? what to say? “You are absolutely right pappa”.

I told myself better getup early and brush before she wakes up as at times I also just step out to the backyard door for seconds
to watch outside while brushing