Broken Mirror – Cannot hit anymore

The family was in the usual morning buzy routine to at least reach the school/office 30 minutes late. Adi after getting dressed up was lying on the bed and hitting her foot against the wall. She does this often, assuming her legs to be drumsticks, wall to be drumhead and hitting the wall with both the legs as if like playing drums. It happens that sometimes we get to be the drumhead when she gets mad at us. Coming back to the eventful incident when she continued to hit the wall her foot’s focus accidentally changed to the wall mirror. I believe it was accidental as I didn’t witness the scene. This was a tile mirror with size 6×6 sq.feet. Each tile is 1×1 sq.feet. There was a big sound all of a sudden and one of the tiles in the last row is broken as she hit so hard. Luckily, no hurt to her.

How should we both react now? She started crying nonstop. So to ease the situation we did not respond anything and continued with our work. Still, she continued to cry.

I loose all my patience when she cries continuously. So, to lower my temper I asked her politely “Pappa why are you still crying? Momma and pappa did not tell anything to you. At least from now please stop your drumming habit otherwise its going to be even more worse… do you know sometimes you use myself and appa as drumhead and we feel so painful?. Hope you understand. Please stop this habit with today”

Can anybody guess her response?

“I am crying because I cannot hit the mirror like before anymore”

I can only hope that she doesn’t repeat it again for the other mirror tiles…

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