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Oceans, Continents and Planets

The title says it all. Adi can list the 4 oceans and 7 continents without second thought. Now, she is learning about the 9 planets.

I was so thrilled to listen to it yesterday evening. The pronunciation was crystal clear. As a treat she had one of her favorite for dinner “kid cuisine”.

NY botanical garden visit

Sunday, we visited NY botanical garden along with our friend’s family. Adi had a good time all day with my friend’s two cute daughters Ila and Yash. Ila is of Adi’s age and they were classmates last year. Yash is 18 months old and she competed equally with her big sisters on everything. We packed lunch and snacks from home and had a very good time in spite of a sunny day. The big trees all around the garden were helping in a great way to evade the exposure to sun. The kids enjoyed adventure and family garden section where we spent most part of the day.

In Kids adventure section they were engaged in art work (they made a butterfly shaped paper fan) and clay work (made pink and blue flowers).They also planted a kidney bean seed and took it home to grow. Adi is watering it every day at home now.

In Family garden section we planted carrot, cucumber seeds, and watered plants. Also tasted some Chinese home made foods prepared freshly with the vegetables grown at that garden.

Overall it was a gratifying experience.

M took this chance to exhibit his recent interest (photographic skills) and here is the evidence. Hope you all like them.

Party-Quiz-Thai food-Riverside walk

Last Friday we had a small party at office to celebrate Independence Day. M and Adi were at home as it was holiday for her so he dropped Adi at my office in the evening.

Myself and Adi attended the party while M did weekend shopping at Shoprite. At the party we had quiz competition with 5 rounds all questions revolving around history of India. Though Adi did not know ABC’s of Quiz Competition I tried to explain her concept of Quiz and how it is held. I was not sure how much had reached her until she explained it to M. Here is the dialogue

M: So, pappa how was the party?
Adi: It was okay appa
M: What did you do?
Adi: I ate cake, chips and guess what mommy gave me some soda
M: Did you have fun? What were others doing?
Adi: They did something (she turned back to me as asked what you called that as?) yeah right they had Quiz)
M: oh nice what is Quiz? (Now I was thrilled to listen to her response)
Adi: One person will stand in front and ask questions that you won’t understand and there will be four groups. Each group has to answer one by one. If you answer correctly you will get chocolates. Mommy got me two chocolates.

Now, I can proudly pronounce that Adi learned what is QUIZ

After the party we had dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant. We tried Pad Kee Mow and Red Curry. I am a person who glues to the same known food at all times but M tries different dishes. Reluctantly I tasted the dishes and liked them. Adi had white rice with a spoon of red curry on it.

Following dinner we had a nice walk along the riverside boardwalk. On the way, Adi was forcing us to sit on a chair and for the first 5 minutes she silently watched the river and at an unexpected moment she said “It’s really nice to sit here and watch the river right mommy? Ennamo theriyuma (Eng: guess what?) I love this and I am so happy that we are sitting here as a family”

We were touched by her words and never thought she would enjoy it so much. We spent some more time there though the clock crossed 9 pm. The walk was very pleasant and the experience had triggered us think about such walks on following weekends.

What to say had a good start for the weekend.

Blocks artwork and pet names

Adi’s latest attraction is blocks. After buying it had taken almost one year for the blocks to be Adi’s playtime favorite. Lucky blocks few other toys and dolls at home are still yearning for her attention. Today morning she surprised us with a goat. So far she had built castle, house with doors and windows, kind-of ship and other easy stuffs but we felt this goat was just perfectly done for her age. We were amazed by her creative thinking. Good work babba honey (this is how she names herself)

Speaking about that here are some of the ways we name her at home (non-tamilian guys am very sorry its very difficult to translate these names into English)

babba honey – M’s favorite
Pattu rajathi – My favorite
Pattumma (frequently used by me)
Aatukutty (frequently used by M – everytime he calls her like that she repeats “I am not Aatukutty I am Adi.. M……..)
Dadda’s sweetie
Mamma’s chella kutty (she never like mixing it as Dadda’s chella kutty or Mamma’s sweetie)


Kalam’s Inspiring Quote

Kalam’s inspiring quote at one of his recent speech…

Where there is righteousness in the heart
There is beauty in the character.
When there is beauty in the character,
There is harmony in the home.
When there is harmony in the home.
There is an order in the nation.
When there is order in the nation,
There is peace in the world.

Missing summer holidays

Both of us being working Adi badly misses the summer holidays that we enjoyed the most in our childhood The school was closed for 5 weeks this summer and all 5 weeks she was put in a summer camp. She had been telling me for a while that she has to stay at home at least for one week. The reason for stay is different each time. This time it was the boo boo she got while sliding at the indoor park in school.

Adi: Amma, ennamo thriyuma (Eng: Mom, do you know something?)
Me: ennamma? (Eng: What’s that honey?)
Adi: I got boo boo when I was sliding today, so I think I cannot go to school for next one week
Me: what will you do then?
Adi: I want to stay at home for one week
Me: But, who will stay with you?
Adi: Its you !!!
Me: Sorry honey, my boss will not give me leave for one week at this time
Adi: You can work from home?
Me: Nope… I dont think I can work from home all 5 days
Adi: Then do one thing … send a mail to your boss that you cannot come to office for one week
Me: He will ask me the reason. what shall I say?
Adi: Tell him that your “pattu rajathi – this is how I address her @ home :-)” had boo boo and you have to stay home to take care of her
Adi: Then, he will say ohh that’s okay then you can stay at home with your daughter

I was checking my personal mails during this dialogue and she was literally forcing me to send this mail to my boss. poor girl…

I wish to send such a mail and stay with her but cannot do so taking into consideration the work nature at this point 😦


Writing and Reading – Getting Better

Yesterday evening I felt little lazy and also had some other work so told Adi that she doesn’t need to do reading or writing today.
Half-an hour later she came rushing to me with her writing pad and pencils, sat next to me and started writing all papers one by one math, tamil, english…

She finished all papers in less than 30 minutes and asked me to join the reading session.

I was shocked and started the dialogue

Me: Pappa, may I please know the reason why you are sooo good today? Amma’s heart is already breaking
Adi: Because only if I finish my stuff quicker I will have enough time to watch more TV shows after dinner
Me: oh i c! the cat is out of the bag now
Adi: (with a demanding face) Now, tell me how many shows are you going to put me today 3 or 4? (1 or 2 are not in option at all)
Me: you can watch how many ever you want (I didnt want to false her expectation)

Finally, she watched 3 – berenstain bears, barnyard and sponge bob …

Returning to school – Pre-K

Adi started her Pre-K classes yesterday. She was excited to return back to school and see all her old friends. This time her class is on first floor. Couple of her old friends were in the class when we reached there. So, she did not hesitate much to go into the class though her teachers were new.

Her first day experience was okay. One of her best friend had moved to a different class. She was not happy about that. It seems they went out to park. Though she was not as excited as morning I think down the lane she will be alright in this new class. The first day evening she was asking

how many more days I have to go to this class?
when will I join the other class (class of her best friend)?
why the same teacher had come for her (best friend)?

I told her honey you have ten more months to go in this class… No reaction from her side !!!

Wishing her a wonderful year ahead …


This week quota – wireless adapter

The external wireless adapter used for laptop was fortunate enough to hit Adi’s this week breaking top list.

We bought this adapter just a month back when the in-built laptop adapter refused to work anymore.

May be the in-built adapter would have thought that these guys are accessing too much of internet and let me give them a break but we didn’t loose heart and got this external adapter within a week… Until then the long wire seen in picture helped us to continue the internet access.

Back to the wired period.. The picture says it all about how the household is accessing internet now…

We will get a new adapter when M gets annoyed with wires all around the house…

I am planning to make it messy at home with all wires so that M gets annoyed sooner :-)) any ideas are most welcome..


Weekend food menu

Delay in post as rediff blogs site was down for past 2 days

Last summer we were going out on almost all weekends… But this summer, we haven’t got into the mood yet. For no reason we prefer to stay at home on weekends. So, here comes the homemade weekend food menu..

Saturday Breakfast
Adi can tell even while she is sleeping its Noodles…

Saturday Lunch
lilva beans, green chickpeas, drumstick kara kuzhambu
carrot, moong dal poriyal

Saturday Dinner
Aloo paratha

Sunday Breakfast
Semiya upma

Sunday Lunch
Raddish, bottle guard sambar
potato fry
Tilapia puttu

Sunday Dinner
wheat dosa

Got hands on making stuffed parathas. Now, in the way of trying out different stuffings … I still remember the days when I started trying stuffed parathas. I will start the preparations with full josh but later at one point will mix the dough and stuffings together out of frustation and end up making dosa’s…