Returning to school – Pre-K

Adi started her Pre-K classes yesterday. She was excited to return back to school and see all her old friends. This time her class is on first floor. Couple of her old friends were in the class when we reached there. So, she did not hesitate much to go into the class though her teachers were new.

Her first day experience was okay. One of her best friend had moved to a different class. She was not happy about that. It seems they went out to park. Though she was not as excited as morning I think down the lane she will be alright in this new class. The first day evening she was asking

how many more days I have to go to this class?
when will I join the other class (class of her best friend)?
why the same teacher had come for her (best friend)?

I told her honey you have ten more months to go in this class… No reaction from her side !!!

Wishing her a wonderful year ahead …


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