Writing and Reading – Getting Better

Yesterday evening I felt little lazy and also had some other work so told Adi that she doesn’t need to do reading or writing today.
Half-an hour later she came rushing to me with her writing pad and pencils, sat next to me and started writing all papers one by one math, tamil, english…

She finished all papers in less than 30 minutes and asked me to join the reading session.

I was shocked and started the dialogue

Me: Pappa, may I please know the reason why you are sooo good today? Amma’s heart is already breaking
Adi: Because only if I finish my stuff quicker I will have enough time to watch more TV shows after dinner
Me: oh i c! the cat is out of the bag now
Adi: (with a demanding face) Now, tell me how many shows are you going to put me today 3 or 4? (1 or 2 are not in option at all)
Me: you can watch how many ever you want (I didnt want to false her expectation)

Finally, she watched 3 – berenstain bears, barnyard and sponge bob …


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