Archive | August 6, 2009

Missing summer holidays

Both of us being working Adi badly misses the summer holidays that we enjoyed the most in our childhood The school was closed for 5 weeks this summer and all 5 weeks she was put in a summer camp. She had been telling me for a while that she has to stay at home at least for one week. The reason for stay is different each time. This time it was the boo boo she got while sliding at the indoor park in school.

Adi: Amma, ennamo thriyuma (Eng: Mom, do you know something?)
Me: ennamma? (Eng: What’s that honey?)
Adi: I got boo boo when I was sliding today, so I think I cannot go to school for next one week
Me: what will you do then?
Adi: I want to stay at home for one week
Me: But, who will stay with you?
Adi: Its you !!!
Me: Sorry honey, my boss will not give me leave for one week at this time
Adi: You can work from home?
Me: Nope… I dont think I can work from home all 5 days
Adi: Then do one thing … send a mail to your boss that you cannot come to office for one week
Me: He will ask me the reason. what shall I say?
Adi: Tell him that your “pattu rajathi – this is how I address her @ home :-)” had boo boo and you have to stay home to take care of her
Adi: Then, he will say ohh that’s okay then you can stay at home with your daughter

I was checking my personal mails during this dialogue and she was literally forcing me to send this mail to my boss. poor girl…

I wish to send such a mail and stay with her but cannot do so taking into consideration the work nature at this point 😦