Archive | August 14, 2009

Blocks artwork and pet names

Adi’s latest attraction is blocks. After buying it had taken almost one year for the blocks to be Adi’s playtime favorite. Lucky blocks few other toys and dolls at home are still yearning for her attention. Today morning she surprised us with a goat. So far she had built castle, house with doors and windows, kind-of ship and other easy stuffs but we felt this goat was just perfectly done for her age. We were amazed by her creative thinking. Good work babba honey (this is how she names herself)

Speaking about that here are some of the ways we name her at home (non-tamilian guys am very sorry its very difficult to translate these names into English)

babba honey – M’s favorite
Pattu rajathi – My favorite
Pattumma (frequently used by me)
Aatukutty (frequently used by M – everytime he calls her like that she repeats “I am not Aatukutty I am Adi.. M……..)
Dadda’s sweetie
Mamma’s chella kutty (she never like mixing it as Dadda’s chella kutty or Mamma’s sweetie)