NY botanical garden visit

Sunday, we visited NY botanical garden along with our friend’s family. Adi had a good time all day with my friend’s two cute daughters Ila and Yash. Ila is of Adi’s age and they were classmates last year. Yash is 18 months old and she competed equally with her big sisters on everything. We packed lunch and snacks from home and had a very good time in spite of a sunny day. The big trees all around the garden were helping in a great way to evade the exposure to sun. The kids enjoyed adventure and family garden section where we spent most part of the day.

In Kids adventure section they were engaged in art work (they made a butterfly shaped paper fan) and clay work (made pink and blue flowers).They also planted a kidney bean seed and took it home to grow. Adi is watering it every day at home now.

In Family garden section we planted carrot, cucumber seeds, and watered plants. Also tasted some Chinese home made foods prepared freshly with the vegetables grown at that garden.

Overall it was a gratifying experience.

M took this chance to exhibit his recent interest (photographic skills) and here is the evidence. Hope you all like them.



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