Adi reading N.E.W.S

Yesterday evening M for the first time shared the political news about YSR with Adi. M told her “Pappa do you know something a helicopter has crashed in India and search is still underway. Adi started asking numerous questions as

What is the color of the helicopter?
How many people were inside?
What happened to them?
Where/when/why did it crash?
Why are they still searching?
When will they find it?

Then she went to bed with some questions unanswered. We never thought she would pay so much attention.

Morning when she woke up I gave her updates that helicopter has been found. She followed again with different set of questions

Where did they find it?
What is a mountain?
What is mountain’s color?
How will it look like?
How will you go there?

And the final questions was

How did you know about this?

I told her that I read it in news and added that we should develop the habit of reading news every morning and that will help us to be aware of world’s happenings. She asked me from where did I read the news and I had to share the online news screen with her.

She stared at the news site for two minutes pretending like reading the news looking at all pictured.

Going forward I am planning to talk about more news now and then with her.


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