You dont need hands to play slide or swing

Myself and Adi went to a nearby park and she played in sprinklers for a long time though she hesitated initially. A boy poured a bottle of water on her at an unexpected moment and she didn’t like it. Instantly, she wore her complaining face mask and started whining nonstop.  It took me a while to convince her and make her get into the mood of wearing the playing facemask. Then, she started sprinkling water on other small kids and they all played well.

I initiated following dialogue before going to park thinking that it has been more than a week since she wrote anything and this is the best opportunity to make her write something

Me: Pappa, I need 15 more minutes to get ready. Since you are all dressed up would you like to do a little of writing before we go to park
Adi: ammmaaa, guess what my hand is hurting since yesterday
Me: OMG you didn’t tell me, then how can you play monkey bars in the park? Ok let’s not go to the park then (I was laughing inside)
Adi: ammmmmaaaa (with an irritating face), I just said my hand is hurting that means I cannot play only monkey bars. I can still play slide and swing. You don’t need hands to play these :-(((

I was ready by then and what else can we do other than heading to the park. Till we reached park she constantly reminded me that she cannot play monkey bars today.


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