Archive | September 14, 2009

Ballet class – spoke too early

Adi had started her ballet dance lessons on 09/12. There were four toddler girls in the class. I have been preparing her for more than a week and she was also all excited about the class. She responded well and did all the simple steps taught by the teacher. She was also observing on what two other kids were doing. I felt light hearted and happy that she accepted the class but still waited in the studio for a while. One of the kid was crying from the beginning and her mom was with her.

After sometime myself and the crying kid’s mommy went to the waiting hall and we were talking about how kids react at different situations. She praised Adi very much. She said Adi co-operates very well. I was on cloud nine and started chattering more about Adi. After 10 minutes the crying kid was brought to the waiting hall. I (being the proud mom) started convincing the other lady that her kid will be perfect in the next class bla bla bla… While continuing my lecture I just turned back to see Adi standing behind me whipping her tears. Oh man I was dumb struck. Can you imagine the reaction on my face and the other lady’s face? She gave me a look that had thousand meanings. I managed to take Adi back into the studio after 10 minutes and she continued the lessons. On the way back home she declared that she doesn’t want to learn ballet anymore. Need to prepare her again before next class.

We should never trust kid’s behavior anytime. Watch out on praising your kids. They will put you down any moment.