Archive | September 18, 2009

Questions Questions Questions!!!

Home is filled with questions these days. Worst part is I am on the answering side. Few samples…

Scene 1

Me: Adi can you please change your dress and come to the kitchen to have your snack?
Adi: Ammmaaaa am I mummy? (Bathil sollunga am I mummy? – Answer me am I mummy?) – By mummy she means old enough
Me: Nope
Adi: then, how can I change the dress and remove the buttons all by myself. Don’t you know that I need your help?
Me: !@#$%!@#$%&*

Scene 2

We both were watching super singer and I started singing along when one of my favorite was sung by a contestant

Adi: Amma stop (I didn’t) stop (I didn’t) now as loud as possible “S.T.O.P it I said” (I stopped and looked at her puzzled)
Adi: Are you contesting in super singer (with same tone bathil sollunga – answer me)
Me: Nope
Adi: then why are you singing? Just listen okay? You are bothering me. I am not able to watch the show.
Me: !@#$%!@#$%&*

Her modulation and face gestures are more enjoyable when she gets into the questioning/correcting state. I should record it one day.

The number of bulbs I get from her is increasing exponentially!!!


Reading – celebration


Adi had completed HOP Kindergarten reading level. The poster is here for your glance. The family reached the poster’s point from reading room with drum rolls. Poster was glued at a place that has her constant attention. M was whistling loud and I was singing (shouting) her favorite “dandanakka danakunakka” all the way. She was walking in between us with all pride. Literally, we were over acting and she didn’t know how to react. She was lifted up after sticking the “I did it” label and the house was filled with celebrating mood. The stars are the labels she sticked after finishing each lesson.