Questions Questions Questions!!!

Home is filled with questions these days. Worst part is I am on the answering side. Few samples…

Scene 1

Me: Adi can you please change your dress and come to the kitchen to have your snack?
Adi: Ammmaaaa am I mummy? (Bathil sollunga am I mummy? – Answer me am I mummy?) – By mummy she means old enough
Me: Nope
Adi: then, how can I change the dress and remove the buttons all by myself. Don’t you know that I need your help?
Me: !@#$%!@#$%&*

Scene 2

We both were watching super singer and I started singing along when one of my favorite was sung by a contestant

Adi: Amma stop (I didn’t) stop (I didn’t) now as loud as possible “S.T.O.P it I said” (I stopped and looked at her puzzled)
Adi: Are you contesting in super singer (with same tone bathil sollunga – answer me)
Me: Nope
Adi: then why are you singing? Just listen okay? You are bothering me. I am not able to watch the show.
Me: !@#$%!@#$%&*

Her modulation and face gestures are more enjoyable when she gets into the questioning/correcting state. I should record it one day.

The number of bulbs I get from her is increasing exponentially!!!


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