Archive | September 28, 2009

Saraswathi pooja


was Simple as I did not make an effort to prepare new/complex dishes. The picture says it all. I just made vermicelli payasam and sundal. Adi’s books took precedence and she read/wrote today morning. She woke up 30 minutes early than usual, we sat together in front of GOD for about 15 minutes and she followed all that I said religiously. We touched upon all subjects. Read a story line in English, wrote an English word, one Tamil letter and one Math addition.

My cute little girl I love you ttthhhiiiissss much (with hands widdee open)…

PTM (Parent Teacher Meet)


Happened on last Friday. Adi was more geared up than us as she wanted me to see the behavior chart. She has got stickers on it. You can see the pictures here. Children were not allowed so M was baby sitting her and I attended the meet.

This is where my little girlie spends almost 9 to 10 hours every day. She is dropped around 8am by Dad (sometimes even at 7:15am if M has to work early) and picked up promptly at 5:30pm by Mom. No other choice as the school closes at 5:30 pm. She intakes breakfast, lunch and snack from the school.

Daily schedule includes circle time, craft time, nap (2 hours), story telling and coloring time. Not to mention Adi’s favorite TV time too.

I believe Adi enjoys her school. She is at her best in the school. The teachers were very friendly. This is a kind of child care cum private school.Her teacher said she is a good helper for everyone and there was nothing in specific to discuss about her.

She was all excited to hear about the meet. Also, gave me a special hug and a kiss for capturing the behavior chart.

I try my best to drop her once in a fortnight/month when she says this with a sad face followed by a minor protest.

“Amma neenga ennai school-lae drop panni romba nalla aachhuu”
(Eng : Mommy it’s been long time since you dropped me in school)

She also adds this by bending herself “Just one day amma please please please I will not ask you again for another few days”

It happened this morning so I am planning to drop her some day this week which needs some planning as my office timing is 8-5.