Swim classes

Last Saturday Adi started her swim lessons. It was an indoor pool close to our home.Fall classes were starting on that day and the heat for this year was switched on only on that day.Adi was okay until she was outside. The moment she was asked to step into the water she started mumbling.She sat on the edge holding the rails for some time and then a lady instructor carried her into the water.They were in for about 10 minutes and all that time she was staring at me that meant “en ennai ippadi kodumai paduthareenga? Wish some good people push you into the water at 12 feet level right now”

The lead instructor then declared that the classes are cancelled as the water is too cold. You should have seen Adi’s face. Thousand watts bulb was glowing.

Hopefully the classes should happen next week as the heat system should resume to its normal working condition.
On the way back home Adi said “Amma naa en swimming pannala theriyuma because the pool was very big and there was too much of water. I would not have cried if there was little water”

M commented “Ok pappa I have a plan after we go home I will give you a glass of water and you can learn swimming in that is that a good plan?”

Adi gave a dirty look to him and walked  strolled along with me. Of course she was too tired to walk after the looonnggg swimming classes!!

These days anything and everything you want to convey Adi should start with “Pappa I have a plan” and end with “is that a good plan”. At times you get a happy “yes” response and sometimes you should be ready face the mad girl.

A mad girl can do anything from “throwing away things on hand” to “hitting you gently so that it just gets swollen for just couple of days”.
Last statement is a little amplified just to show the mood of a mad Adi.

Also she is now totally infected by an “I am a big girl” virus.


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