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tthhiiiiiisssss much

The effect of watching television for 15 minutes. Adi complains as `Amma I watched only “this” much but you are watching “ttthhhhiiiiisssssss” much with hands wide open.`I remember fighting for remote when I was young but definitely not so early.

She is using “this much” often these days. If I don’t do anything she wants then her instant response is either “I don’t love you” or “I love you only this much with two fingers almost touching each other”

P.S: She watched television for one hour and I watched for 15 minutes.

You dont need hands to play slide or swing

Myself and Adi went to a nearby park and she played in sprinklers for a long time though she hesitated initially. A boy poured a bottle of water on her at an unexpected moment and she didn’t like it. Instantly, she wore her complaining face mask and started whining nonstop.  It took me a while to convince her and make her get into the mood of wearing the playing facemask. Then, she started sprinkling water on other small kids and they all played well.

I initiated following dialogue before going to park thinking that it has been more than a week since she wrote anything and this is the best opportunity to make her write something

Me: Pappa, I need 15 more minutes to get ready. Since you are all dressed up would you like to do a little of writing before we go to park
Adi: ammmaaa, guess what my hand is hurting since yesterday
Me: OMG you didn’t tell me, then how can you play monkey bars in the park? Ok let’s not go to the park then (I was laughing inside)
Adi: ammmmmaaaa (with an irritating face), I just said my hand is hurting that means I cannot play only monkey bars. I can still play slide and swing. You don’t need hands to play these :-(((

I was ready by then and what else can we do other than heading to the park. Till we reached park she constantly reminded me that she cannot play monkey bars today.

Adi reading N.E.W.S

Yesterday evening M for the first time shared the political news about YSR with Adi. M told her “Pappa do you know something a helicopter has crashed in India and search is still underway. Adi started asking numerous questions as

What is the color of the helicopter?
How many people were inside?
What happened to them?
Where/when/why did it crash?
Why are they still searching?
When will they find it?

Then she went to bed with some questions unanswered. We never thought she would pay so much attention.

Morning when she woke up I gave her updates that helicopter has been found. She followed again with different set of questions

Where did they find it?
What is a mountain?
What is mountain’s color?
How will it look like?
How will you go there?

And the final questions was

How did you know about this?

I told her that I read it in news and added that we should develop the habit of reading news every morning and that will help us to be aware of world’s happenings. She asked me from where did I read the news and I had to share the online news screen with her.

She stared at the news site for two minutes pretending like reading the news looking at all pictured.

Going forward I am planning to talk about more news now and then with her.


Participating in essay contest

For the first time in life I am writing an article for working woman about balancing home and work. Planning to publish this article for an intra company essay contest. Last date for submission is Sep 4th. Will keep you all posted about the status later.

I never imagined in my life that I can take part in any writing competition. Blogging is sure a key factor to improve my writing skills.

Wish me good luck

Mix of unrelated happenings

Consolidating last week incidents as there is a delay in post (blog site was down for past 2 days). Every time I had to send a mail to rediff customer service to bring it back up.

Million dollar question

On Sunday afternoon while I was preparing lunch Adi came rushing to me and asked amma can you listen to me for a minute?This means she needs eye contact and not just the oral response that I normally do by continuing my work. I asked her to give me couple of minutes to wrap up what I was doing and then turned to her.

She always responds well when you give her heads-up about things and ask her for permissions before jumping into the task. She continued with both hands on her hip and head tilted upwards to me.

I don’t want to play anything (dolls/blocks/kitchen stuff/starfall/balls/puzzles)
I don’t want to ride bike
I don’t want to read/write
I don’t want to watch television
I don’t want to eat
I don’t want to sleep

Tell me what can I do now?

This is the effect of keeping her at home from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. I am clueless… rolled my eyes and said “can you please give me sometime I need to think about it?”

Is there any other way to keep kids busy at home? We finally played anthakshari for a while by humming all rhymes/songs. Her favorite is jingle bells and Barney’s I love you songs.

Hair cut for boys – Adi’s stand

One of Adi’s friend/classmate Mr. J had a close to head summer hair cut few days back and Adi declared that he is not her friend anymore. The reason is he had a hair cut and her stand is boys don’t look good when they do hair cut especially the summer cut.

Rules of breaking glass

One fine morning the first thing I did was breaking a glass kept by M at living room. He left it near the couch after drinking pepsi. The way I narrated the incident made M feel that I am insisting more on him leaving the glass at living room than me breaking it making him  responsible for the incident. I really didnt meant that way but he was not ready to accept it. A silent heat was on between us. I never thought Adi listened to this conversation until the next incident happened. The same day afternoon I left a glass near bed after drinking lemonade thinking lazily that I can take it back after my small nap. Within 10 minutes Adi broke it accidentally. I yelled at her as “Don’t you see the glass kept down? Are your eyes tied to the sky? and so on with all usual yelling language”. With no second delay she coolly responded “it broke because you did not take it back to kitchen and not because of me”

Rules are rules. I did not speak anything after that and was searching for a band-aid for my nose. A big nose cut I must say.

This happened almost 3 to 4 days back and M is still laughing at me when he looks at me face to face. I have never seen him laughing out that loud as he did on that day. He was sure over acting and started making comments as “GOD sure exists”, “my little girl is my saver all times”, “GOD will make good people walk on thorns but he will surely save them” , “in this modern world GOD doesn’t wait too long to teach lessons” and so on… I felt these comments were way too high for the small incident that happened. I usually get upset when something breaks at kitchen but this incident I was not given an oppurtunity to think about the broken glass. The thoughts were all around the scenes created by the father and daughter.

I am sure he would have bought anything Adi wanted on that day but poor little girl is not old enough to make use of the circumstances.