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Just for smile – 2

It has become the routine everyday evening when we return from school but conveyed in different styles.
Mommy you are not buying me anything any day. Yesterday’s style was a twist in a famous song.

I don’t love you
You don’t love me
We are not a happy family
With no big huh
And no kiss from me to you
Won’t you say?
You don’t love me !!!!!

 Is this song worth the candy/lolli?

 However she did a neat job in song conversion.

Original version

 I love you
You love me
We are happy family
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Won’t you say?
You love me too

We try to sing this as a family most of the nights before going to bed.


Not feeling well

Adi is not feeling good for past 3 days. She threw up on Thursday afternoon after snack in the school. Her teacher changed the dress and made her wait for me. Throwing up continued on Thrusday evening, night (almost 2 to 3 times between 11 pm – 2 am) and Friday morning. She stayed back at home on Friday (M worked from home) and was doing good after that. We fed her with bread and kanji. We thought she is back to normal on Saturday but again she threw up on Saturday night. Back to the bread and kanji stuff till today morning. she gets tummy ache at least once in 2 or 3 months. I spoke with the doctor on Satuday night and she advised to feed pedialite. We didn’t have it at home and M stepped out to the pharmacy store around 10 pm to buy one. She was okay on Sunday. As we both have to be on work today, with no other option she was sent to school. I didn’t get a call till now (4 pm) which means she should be alright. My heart was heavy in the morning as I wanted to stay back with her at home.

I have taken an appointment with doctor on Wednesday. Hopefully it should be a minor stuff. Everything else takes back seat when the kid is not feeling good. We both were not able to concentrate on anything for past 3 to 4 days.

Just for smile – 1

On the way back from the school

Adi: Amma, you are not buying anything, anyday for me

Me: I have a plan

Adi: I dont like that plan

Me: !@#$% how do you know what is my plan before I say?

Adi: I know you will say “you will buy for me on weekend” but I dont like that plan

Me: told myself “tough times ahead”… the kid is not a kid anymore. she can guess my silly plans very easily.time to change my plans 😦

Adi’s diwali and a new game


all home made – rava laddu, ribbon pakoda and suzhiyam … believe it folks

Adi’s favourite was rava laddu. Anytime she comes to kitchen she will say “amma just only one okay? please please please only one amma and she will end up eating three”.  She wore traditional stuff and spoke with all relatives (we had to bribe her for each call though)

We also played a new game this weekend “Farm game”

Game Rule Instructor : Adi and Adi only (we were pure listeners)

Adi was the Cow
M was the horse
I am the pig

So, we have to sound like the animal

Adi: Moo Moo
M: Neigh Neigh
Me: Oink Oink

This goes in a loop. Anytime Adi will change the pet name and you have the sound like the new pet. If you sound wrongly then you are out of the game. It was full of fun as we deliberately foul played many times testing her patience. She found it very hard to make us obey the rule of the game and finally gave up. I tried to explain her this is what happens between me and her every day every moment  in making her do each thing of the life.  I am not sure how much of it reached her as I did not make it as a big topic and she changed the focus the moment she knew where my talk is leading to.  smart kids …

State fair / holiday

teddyWe had been to the state fair/carnival near our house this weekend. It was quite like the “thiruvizha” back home. I missed to take pictures. Now that I started blogging I should either carry my camera all time or buy a phone with good camera. M would prefer the former choice given the fact that I got my mobile changed just two months back.

 Adi had taken couple of rides and we both together took the fun slide ride. The slide should be almost 300 feet in height. I kept my legs inside a sack, Adi sitting between my legs we were pushed from the top through the slide. I won a teddy (picture) in water shooting and a fish plush doll in another game. We ate Zeppole with powdered sugar. I was correlating this with the “sugar candy and delhi papad” we get at India.

Zeppole is an Italian dessert that tastes very close to the taste of south Indian dish “Kuzhi Paniyaram”. It was full of fun for all two hours. Adi and I enjoyed it at the same level.

The father and the daughter are at home today as its holiday for her due to Columbus Day. She has plans to have a picnic at backyard and was telling to me yesterday that she needs to check the weather for today as they may not have picnic if it is windy or snowy. Phew she was making a big deal about the picnic plans as I have to go to work and may not be there for it. She also had a big list to purchase like picnic blanket, umbrella, food, balls, play items etc…


She had been trying this for past two weeks and succeeded yesterday in placing the small ball at the middle. She is good at practicing things and doesn’t give up so easily. Now that this is done she is in search of the next challenge.

Couple of reasonable requests from Adi at recent times


Incident 1

Sunday evening, the time that Adi usually spends by watching television.She had watched enough from the morning so was hesitant to ask me again. She sat next to me for 10 minutes looking at my face thinking that I would understand her need, but no reaction from my end. What a stubborn mother? I did not know when did I become like this or am I like this to her from the beginning?

Then, she took her reading material read two pages, asked me what to write for the day, wrote them politely in her princess note book, got it verified , made all corrections said by me. Kept all her books back at its place and again sat next to me silently for 10 minutes. Then, slowly she asked “Mommy can I watch TV please?” I switched on the television before she completed her sentence.

Incident 2

Monday morning, we all were on our toes getting ready and Adi said “Mommy show me your ears I want to tell you something”. I thought decided that she is going to ask for me to drop her at school and cry again. I took a while thinking how to respond to her and slowly moved towards her.
She asked “Mommy can you please come with me till our street corner”. That’s where we normally depart in the morning. Sometimes I leave early from home and sometimes I accompany her till the street corner. What can I say? Tears filled my eyes. I am sure I had not been like this to my mom. I took her too much for granted.

Usual tantrum continues every day but still these two incident helps me to be warm to her when she makes me mad

I can end all my post with this one liner

“I love you one hundredth one hundredth one hundredth much pattumma. You are the BEST gift I ever got in my life”