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Couple of reasonable requests from Adi at recent times


Incident 1

Sunday evening, the time that Adi usually spends by watching television.She had watched enough from the morning so was hesitant to ask me again. She sat next to me for 10 minutes looking at my face thinking that I would understand her need, but no reaction from my end. What a stubborn mother? I did not know when did I become like this or am I like this to her from the beginning?

Then, she took her reading material read two pages, asked me what to write for the day, wrote them politely in her princess note book, got it verified , made all corrections said by me. Kept all her books back at its place and again sat next to me silently for 10 minutes. Then, slowly she asked “Mommy can I watch TV please?” I switched on the television before she completed her sentence.

Incident 2

Monday morning, we all were on our toes getting ready and Adi said “Mommy show me your ears I want to tell you something”. I thought decided that she is going to ask for me to drop her at school and cry again. I took a while thinking how to respond to her and slowly moved towards her.
She asked “Mommy can you please come with me till our street corner”. That’s where we normally depart in the morning. Sometimes I leave early from home and sometimes I accompany her till the street corner. What can I say? Tears filled my eyes. I am sure I had not been like this to my mom. I took her too much for granted.

Usual tantrum continues every day but still these two incident helps me to be warm to her when she makes me mad

I can end all my post with this one liner

“I love you one hundredth one hundredth one hundredth much pattumma. You are the BEST gift I ever got in my life”