Archive | October 12, 2009

State fair / holiday

teddyWe had been to the state fair/carnival near our house this weekend. It was quite like the “thiruvizha” back home. I missed to take pictures. Now that I started blogging I should either carry my camera all time or buy a phone with good camera. M would prefer the former choice given the fact that I got my mobile changed just two months back.

 Adi had taken couple of rides and we both together took the fun slide ride. The slide should be almost 300 feet in height. I kept my legs inside a sack, Adi sitting between my legs we were pushed from the top through the slide. I won a teddy (picture) in water shooting and a fish plush doll in another game. We ate Zeppole with powdered sugar. I was correlating this with the “sugar candy and delhi papad” we get at India.

Zeppole is an Italian dessert that tastes very close to the taste of south Indian dish “Kuzhi Paniyaram”. It was full of fun for all two hours. Adi and I enjoyed it at the same level.

The father and the daughter are at home today as its holiday for her due to Columbus Day. She has plans to have a picnic at backyard and was telling to me yesterday that she needs to check the weather for today as they may not have picnic if it is windy or snowy. Phew she was making a big deal about the picnic plans as I have to go to work and may not be there for it. She also had a big list to purchase like picnic blanket, umbrella, food, balls, play items etc…


She had been trying this for past two weeks and succeeded yesterday in placing the small ball at the middle. She is good at practicing things and doesn’t give up so easily. Now that this is done she is in search of the next challenge.