Archive | October 19, 2009

Adi’s diwali and a new game


all home made – rava laddu, ribbon pakoda and suzhiyam … believe it folks

Adi’s favourite was rava laddu. Anytime she comes to kitchen she will say “amma just only one okay? please please please only one amma and she will end up eating three”.  She wore traditional stuff and spoke with all relatives (we had to bribe her for each call though)

We also played a new game this weekend “Farm game”

Game Rule Instructor : Adi and Adi only (we were pure listeners)

Adi was the Cow
M was the horse
I am the pig

So, we have to sound like the animal

Adi: Moo Moo
M: Neigh Neigh
Me: Oink Oink

This goes in a loop. Anytime Adi will change the pet name and you have the sound like the new pet. If you sound wrongly then you are out of the game. It was full of fun as we deliberately foul played many times testing her patience. She found it very hard to make us obey the rule of the game and finally gave up. I tried to explain her this is what happens between me and her every day every moment  in making her do each thing of the life.  I am not sure how much of it reached her as I did not make it as a big topic and she changed the focus the moment she knew where my talk is leading to.  smart kids …