Not feeling well

Adi is not feeling good for past 3 days. She threw up on Thursday afternoon after snack in the school. Her teacher changed the dress and made her wait for me. Throwing up continued on Thrusday evening, night (almost 2 to 3 times between 11 pm – 2 am) and Friday morning. She stayed back at home on Friday (M worked from home) and was doing good after that. We fed her with bread and kanji. We thought she is back to normal on Saturday but again she threw up on Saturday night. Back to the bread and kanji stuff till today morning. she gets tummy ache at least once in 2 or 3 months. I spoke with the doctor on Satuday night and she advised to feed pedialite. We didn’t have it at home and M stepped out to the pharmacy store around 10 pm to buy one. She was okay on Sunday. As we both have to be on work today, with no other option she was sent to school. I didn’t get a call till now (4 pm) which means she should be alright. My heart was heavy in the morning as I wanted to stay back with her at home.

I have taken an appointment with doctor on Wednesday. Hopefully it should be a minor stuff. Everything else takes back seat when the kid is not feeling good. We both were not able to concentrate on anything for past 3 to 4 days.


2 thoughts on “Not feeling well

    • thx… doctor said it could be ‘coz of some virus that takes couple of more days to go away….
      all tests were normal so nothing to worry…. by the time we went to doctor Adi was normal

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