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Thanks giving

Has been good. M’s colleagues visited us for lunch on Thursday.Daddy and the girl stayed at home on Friday when I worked hard than other usual days.
Saturday flew away with Adi’s weekly classes and weekend household works.
[Updated] We also spent some time in the evening at grand H’s house (our neighbor) to meet her grand children who visited her for thanks giving.  Jenny and Chris were very nice. They played hide’n seek with Adi and we also watched the first half of “The Santa Claus”  with them.
Sunday was spent by watching 2012 in a nearby AMC followed by usual groceries and a looonnggg (1.6 miles – its long for me) walk back to home.

Adi is getting more closer with cold that it’s not ready to leave her easily even after staying together for a good one week. She has been coughing whole night yesterday… we are trying warm water and ginger with honey (does that work?). Might visit doctor’s office if she is not getting better in couple of days.


We should love each other

 Me: I love you honey (I say this often to her for no reason. I would love to hear back “Me too” from her)
Adi: no response
Me: Couldn’t restrict myself from asking her “Did you say something now?” (expecting her to say “Me too”)
Adi: No I am just thinking if I really love you or not

Pause for a minute

Adi: I think it is y.e.s (she spelled it. she is after spelling every single thing these days)
Me: Oh thank you honey. I am so happy
Adi: Do you know why I said yes?
Me: because you always love me (with an innocent face)
Adi: No not that. I love you because we are a family. We have to love each other to be a happy family.

Periya manushi (old lady) gave me a big lecture for next 5 minutes…

How long will this last?

We follow a pattern at home that anything for Adi will be bought only on Friday or on weekends.The reasoning behind this pattern is we cross market every day on the way back home Adi started her tantrum at the front of each shop every day.

This happened yesterday when we were crossing the market

Adi: Mommy will you buy me something?
Me: Pattumma today is Thursday da. I think I may not be able to buy anything
Adi:Tell me yes or no will you buy or not?
Me: I am afraid I may have to say No
Adi:It’s okay. I will not ask you anything
Adi: Everyday I will ask you as “will you buy me something?”… If you say No then I will say “It’s okay” I will not cry anymore
Me: So nice of you dear… you are the best… I am so happy bla bla bla so that she at least sticks to this for few more days

 Today being Friday she will demand us to buy something and if don’t then we are not alive tomorrow 😦

Just for smile – 5

Myself and M were honored for past 3 days with the uninvited intimate guest. The guest who visits us every 6 months without fail. None other than the great common cold.

Yesterday night we both were sneezing in turns and Adi had the biggest concern. Her concern was “If both of you are sick then with whom will I sleep tonight?”

I said “Its okay pappa for today alone you can sleep in your room to be safe”

No response for a while.

Then, she sneezed twice intentionally and said “See we all are sick as a family so we all can sleep in the same room”

Hmm that that person that that worries (avan avanukku avan avan kavalai !!!)

My mobile is not mine anymore …

Yesterday evening Adi’s best friend mom called and said her daughter wanted to talk to Adi as they did not meet for long days (4 days). I gave the phone to her and here is the rest

Adi: Hi Ila how are you?
Adi: I just reached home. Yet to change my dress
Adi: You know I bought my hello kitty doll to school today.
Adi: We came home early as my mom had office work. That’s why i was not able to wait for you
Adi: We will meet tomorrow okay? Have you reached home? Removed your shoes?
Adi: what are you doing?
Adi: Just be on the line. I will be right back. Need to wash my face and hands.
Adi: I am back. Are you there? What are you doing?
Adi: you know my mommy is very busy. She is making snacks for me. You need to wash hands before eating snacks.
Adi: what is your sister doing?
Adi: Ok I have a plan. Let us finish our snacks first and then call again okay?
Adi: I will ask my mommy to call you after I finish my snack
Adi: Mommy, cut the line. You can connect us back later.

I can now escape myself from the blames if the phone bills are high. Myself and Adi have started sharing the same phone 🙂

The day is not far to get a mobile for herself.

Just for smile – 4

Hide ‘n Seek 

Daddy and the girl were playing hide n seek indoor yesterday.

Adi: Dadda close your eyes and turn towards the wall. I will go and hide, when I say ready come and search for me

M: OK madame tussads (he calls her like that sometimes)

Adi: Dadda readyyyy

M: Roams around each room, looks behind closet, under dining table, the small gap next to refrigerator and shouts pappa I cannot find you anywhere

Adi: Each time he can’t find her she shouts as “I am hiding in a secret place in living room”.

M: Moves to living room and searches around the table where she hid

Adi: Dadda, I am hiding in a secret place in living room, don’t see under the small table. I am not there.

M: Continues to pretend

Adi: Keeps repeating the same dialogue (don’t see under the small table and giggles now and then).

M: Continues to pretend

Adi: Got fed up after 5 minutes and literally pulled his leg under the table and said I told you its going to be hard for you to find me!!!

She was so excited and was running around the house singing “Daddy cannot find me… Daddy cannot find me… I win you lose… I win you lose…”

what a game!!!

Just for smile – 3

Happened couple of days back. Myself and Adi were in the living room. I was doing something and Adi was playing next to me for quite a long time. All of a sudden some thing struck me and I told her “Papppa it has been many days since you touched your books”.

Guess what is her response


The next minute she was in bed covering head to toe.  I am feeling very sleepy amma in a sluggish tone.

My future is very bright with regards to her studies 😦

Should I think about saving money to invest on some kai thozhil (handy job) that helps for her survival?


Halloween craft

halloween-craft-updatedAdi had halloween party at school on Friday and at nearby public library on Saturday.
She was the “Alice in wonderland” this year. Here is the craft she (we) made at library party.
I helped her to cut the ghosts and she cut the pumpkins herself. 70% of the work was done by her.
This is the first time we did a craft together and I had a real good time.

In Library party we made crafts followed by dance and story telling. It was all fun. We were served refreshments too.

Guess I should buy a crafts book and start making crafts with her at home.