Just for smile – 4

Hide ‘n Seek 

Daddy and the girl were playing hide n seek indoor yesterday.

Adi: Dadda close your eyes and turn towards the wall. I will go and hide, when I say ready come and search for me

M: OK madame tussads (he calls her like that sometimes)

Adi: Dadda readyyyy

M: Roams around each room, looks behind closet, under dining table, the small gap next to refrigerator and shouts pappa I cannot find you anywhere

Adi: Each time he can’t find her she shouts as “I am hiding in a secret place in living room”.

M: Moves to living room and searches around the table where she hid

Adi: Dadda, I am hiding in a secret place in living room, don’t see under the small table. I am not there.

M: Continues to pretend

Adi: Keeps repeating the same dialogue (don’t see under the small table and giggles now and then).

M: Continues to pretend

Adi: Got fed up after 5 minutes and literally pulled his leg under the table and said I told you its going to be hard for you to find me!!!

She was so excited and was running around the house singing “Daddy cannot find me… Daddy cannot find me… I win you lose… I win you lose…”

what a game!!!


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