My mobile is not mine anymore …

Yesterday evening Adi’s best friend mom called and said her daughter wanted to talk to Adi as they did not meet for long days (4 days). I gave the phone to her and here is the rest

Adi: Hi Ila how are you?
Adi: I just reached home. Yet to change my dress
Adi: You know I bought my hello kitty doll to school today.
Adi: We came home early as my mom had office work. That’s why i was not able to wait for you
Adi: We will meet tomorrow okay? Have you reached home? Removed your shoes?
Adi: what are you doing?
Adi: Just be on the line. I will be right back. Need to wash my face and hands.
Adi: I am back. Are you there? What are you doing?
Adi: you know my mommy is very busy. She is making snacks for me. You need to wash hands before eating snacks.
Adi: what is your sister doing?
Adi: Ok I have a plan. Let us finish our snacks first and then call again okay?
Adi: I will ask my mommy to call you after I finish my snack
Adi: Mommy, cut the line. You can connect us back later.

I can now escape myself from the blames if the phone bills are high. Myself and Adi have started sharing the same phone 🙂

The day is not far to get a mobile for herself.


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