Archive | November 20, 2009

How long will this last?

We follow a pattern at home that anything for Adi will be bought only on Friday or on weekends.The reasoning behind this pattern is we cross market every day on the way back home Adi started her tantrum at the front of each shop every day.

This happened yesterday when we were crossing the market

Adi: Mommy will you buy me something?
Me: Pattumma today is Thursday da. I think I may not be able to buy anything
Adi:Tell me yes or no will you buy or not?
Me: I am afraid I may have to say No
Adi:It’s okay. I will not ask you anything
Adi: Everyday I will ask you as “will you buy me something?”… If you say No then I will say “It’s okay” I will not cry anymore
Me: So nice of you dear… you are the best… I am so happy bla bla bla so that she at least sticks to this for few more days

 Today being Friday she will demand us to buy something and if don’t then we are not alive tomorrow 😦