Archive | November 24, 2009

We should love each other

 Me: I love you honey (I say this often to her for no reason. I would love to hear back “Me too” from her)
Adi: no response
Me: Couldn’t restrict myself from asking her “Did you say something now?” (expecting her to say “Me too”)
Adi: No I am just thinking if I really love you or not

Pause for a minute

Adi: I think it is y.e.s (she spelled it. she is after spelling every single thing these days)
Me: Oh thank you honey. I am so happy
Adi: Do you know why I said yes?
Me: because you always love me (with an innocent face)
Adi: No not that. I love you because we are a family. We have to love each other to be a happy family.

Periya manushi (old lady) gave me a big lecture for next 5 minutes…