Thanks giving

Has been good. M’s colleagues visited us for lunch on Thursday.Daddy and the girl stayed at home on Friday when I worked hard than other usual days.
Saturday flew away with Adi’s weekly classes and weekend household works.
[Updated] We also spent some time in the evening at grand H’s house (our neighbor) to meet her grand children who visited her for thanks giving.  Jenny and Chris were very nice. They played hide’n seek with Adi and we also watched the first half of “The Santa Claus”  with them.
Sunday was spent by watching 2012 in a nearby AMC followed by usual groceries and a looonnggg (1.6 miles – its long for me) walk back to home.

Adi is getting more closer with cold that it’s not ready to leave her easily even after staying together for a good one week. She has been coughing whole night yesterday… we are trying warm water and ginger with honey (does that work?). Might visit doctor’s office if she is not getting better in couple of days.


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