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Happy New Year 2010

As the new year blossoms,
may the journey of your life be fragrant with new opportunities,
your days be bright with new hopes and your heart be happy with love!

Happy New Year


Christmas Vacation

Adi is on vacation till Jan 4th.  We had been to an indoor water park resort at next state for couple of days.  Adi  wrote a letter to Santa, played at cub club, game station, enjoyed water park rides and story time at resort lobby during night time,  face painting etc. The stay was pleasant. She was a cute doll all through the trip not cribbing for anything. Daddy and the girl were scared to try roller coaster rides and the bravo Mommy had to try all of them alone. Still I didn’t miss any ride.

This week we are taking turns to stay at home. The first thing Adi checks every morning is “who is going to stay with me today?” and sticks to that person.

On a side note M named me as “Plan Sundari” for all the plans I made for above trip and the plans I am making for upcoming holidays. He also named Adi as “Junior Plan Sundari” after this incident.

Adi: Dadda, can you get me munchkins from dunkins
M: Pappa, it seems there are no more munchkins left at the store
Adi: Its okay, then we shall buy big donuts
M: Pappa, it looks like there are no more donuts too
Adi: Appo, we shall buy lollipop at the shop near our home
M: hmm so you need to buy something or the other before reaching home?
Adi: Yes, let’s check it at the store. if there are no munchkins then we can buy donuts, if there are no donuts then we can buy lollipops but we need to buy something okay?

Like mom like child… we will always have an alternate plan in hand when the real plan doesn’t work out.



snowy snowy snowy & happy weekend

Pictures speak about our weekend.

Saturday was spent with watching snow, making cards for next door grand’s and exploring the new digital frame.

Sunday evening, we visited grand’s house to greet them for Christmas

Grand H’s home
knock knock knock – no response

Grand T and C’s home
knock knock knock – no response

We were very much disappointed and tried the last door with no faith

Grand M and P’s home
knock knock knock – Surprise !!!!!

Grand C opened the door and the four sisters were celebrating Grand M’s (eldest) birthday. It was perfect timing. We joined the party at an American’s house for the first time. Adi, got the piece of cake with flower and enjoyed watching some stuff in television while we all had a good chat for more than an hour. It was a different and pleasant experience. It was so nice to see the bonding between four sisters.  They are awesome.

Later the day Grand H visited us to wish Adi for Christmas.

We also did some investments for Adi’s future which made the weekend even more special.

Needless to say it was a beautiful weekend.

Just for Smile – 6

Adi: Mommy I am just pretending to be Ila’s mom. She is my child.
Me: Nice… do you know how much it takes to be a mom? Do you know what all I am doing for you?
Adi: I know (by nodding her head)
Me: I go to office and work
Come early in the evening to pick up you
Help you with reading
Help you with writing
Make your dinner
Clean your room
Read stories to you
Take you to dance class
And so on…
She added couple of other points like makes her snack, help her to change dress etc…

Adi: why do you never make me play what I want? Do you know what all it takes to be a child?
Adi: I eat my dinner all by myself
I eat my snack all by myself
I do reading
I do writing
I listen to stories that you read
I find you the mobile whenever you misplace it at home
I find you the office card whenever you misplace it at home
I go to school
I do all stuff by myself at school (but sometimes teacher helps me when I need to stick something… you know kids should not handle glues and scissors)
I play with my friends
And so on…

You see how difficult it is to be a child? Why don’t you understand?

Her list was endless and I was speechless

busy bee

Last weekend has been exciting and Adi was the busiest at the household. Here is her schedule

Saturday morning – Regular Ballet class
Saturday afternoon – Christmas program at school (She was the soldier in Christmas play and also part of a group dance)
Saturday evening – Christmas program at dance school
Sunday morning – Rest after the busy yesterday
Sunday afternoon – Christmas program at dance school

She did well in all the programs. Our neighbor grand H made it to the dance school program.

As usual we did mess up something (this flavor is required to make the story complete).  This time it was the hair dress for ballet program and corrected it at last moment by borrowing some clips and hair brush from fellow dancers. While M rushed back home (for the second time) to get the hair clips and other accessories I managed to borrow some from fellow people. I know the question that’s lingering on your mind now. For what did M go back home the first time? It was the ballet shoes (yes we (rather I) forgot the ballet shoes while heading for the ballet Christmas show) don’t ask me what else I packed leaving behind the basic stuff. Adi was lucky to wear the ballet dress at home itself. Otherwise M would have made the third visit to home. How else can he lose weight? We (mom and the little girl) are helping him to keep himself fit by running around for us. He should appreciate us. The appreciation I received from him post show was unforgettable!!!!!!!!!!!! You guessed it right.

With Christmas nearing next door grand’s M and P gave Adi a cute x-mas tree and we gifted a toy desktop. The x-mas tree has fiber optics and lights up in different colors. These new things would keep her busy for few more days.

As usual pictures are here


Adi getting ready for the birthday party and Mommy declared that she is stepping out only if she finishes her horlicks.

Me: Pappa, why do you always give hard time to mommy? The horlicks is in the table for more than an hour now. Why don’t you drink it as a samathu pillai?
Adi: I know it does not taste good amma
Me: How can you say that without tasting? Take a sip first

Adi tasted it after 5 minutes and her reaction was totally different. HHHmmmm yyuuummmmyyyy

Adi: Amma, this is really yummy. Appa used to give me some thing as horlicks but that was not as good as this. Can you give this to me every day after breakfast and dinner? No no give it for snack also. It’s so yummy

Appa, appa come here and smell this. This is called horlicks. Did you get the smell? (She made him smell at least 3 times) Remember this smell when you make it next time for me okay?

Amma, better you make my horlicks every day.

P.S: We were giving her milk+turmericpowder+sugar for last one week as she had cough ‘n cold. this time the combination was milk+horlicks+sugar.

attending parties on her own

I got a call on a nice evening last week 

Caller: Hello could I speak to Adi? This is R her classmate.
Me: Adi call for you!!! (I have already mentioned in my earlier post that we started sharing the phone)
Adi: Hello
Caller: …..
Adi: Hi R. how are you? Wow you have birthday party on this weekend? I need to check with my mommy and daddy if they are free

Adi handed over the phone to me and caller asked me “Is Adi coming for my birthday party?”
I asked him to hand over the phone to his mom and we mom’s spoke about the plan.

We have already invited couple of our friend’s home for lunch on the same day and when I conveyed this to R’s mom she suggested to at least drop and pick-up Adi as they planned to have fun activities.

So, yesterday for the first time we and Adi had different plans. We were engaged with our friends at home where as she had a gala time with her friends in the party. It seems clown, sponge bob and spider man characters had appeared for the party and the kids also had fun of balloon blowing and face painting. Adi had a flower painted on her forehead connecting with two leaves on the right side of cheek. I came to know about all this from R’s mom.

I and Adi promised each other on Saturday to share about our day on Sunday night.I showed her all the items I cooked for my friends and shared with her about how my day was but she said she doesn’t want to share about her day with me as I refused to carry her from bed room to bath room.

I again reminded her today morning that I am yet to hear about her day. I hope she will tell me all stories today evening. I would initiate the conversation if she doesn’t remember. It’s a special feeling for me when we both speak or chat with each other. I love that.

That pretty much says what we did on Sunday.

Saturday we had the first snow of this winter and Adi was looking for it from Friday.She played in the snow for a while with M at our back yard.

With that note here is the birthday card we made for R.