Archive | December 7, 2009

attending parties on her own

I got a call on a nice evening last week 

Caller: Hello could I speak to Adi? This is R her classmate.
Me: Adi call for you!!! (I have already mentioned in my earlier post that we started sharing the phone)
Adi: Hello
Caller: …..
Adi: Hi R. how are you? Wow you have birthday party on this weekend? I need to check with my mommy and daddy if they are free

Adi handed over the phone to me and caller asked me “Is Adi coming for my birthday party?”
I asked him to hand over the phone to his mom and we mom’s spoke about the plan.

We have already invited couple of our friend’s home for lunch on the same day and when I conveyed this to R’s mom she suggested to at least drop and pick-up Adi as they planned to have fun activities.

So, yesterday for the first time we and Adi had different plans. We were engaged with our friends at home where as she had a gala time with her friends in the party. It seems clown, sponge bob and spider man characters had appeared for the party and the kids also had fun of balloon blowing and face painting. Adi had a flower painted on her forehead connecting with two leaves on the right side of cheek. I came to know about all this from R’s mom.

I and Adi promised each other on Saturday to share about our day on Sunday night.I showed her all the items I cooked for my friends and shared with her about how my day was but she said she doesn’t want to share about her day with me as I refused to carry her from bed room to bath room.

I again reminded her today morning that I am yet to hear about her day. I hope she will tell me all stories today evening. I would initiate the conversation if she doesn’t remember. It’s a special feeling for me when we both speak or chat with each other. I love that.

That pretty much says what we did on Sunday.

Saturday we had the first snow of this winter and Adi was looking for it from Friday.She played in the snow for a while with M at our back yard.

With that note here is the birthday card we made for R.