Archive | December 9, 2009


Adi getting ready for the birthday party and Mommy declared that she is stepping out only if she finishes her horlicks.

Me: Pappa, why do you always give hard time to mommy? The horlicks is in the table for more than an hour now. Why don’t you drink it as a samathu pillai?
Adi: I know it does not taste good amma
Me: How can you say that without tasting? Take a sip first

Adi tasted it after 5 minutes and her reaction was totally different. HHHmmmm yyuuummmmyyyy

Adi: Amma, this is really yummy. Appa used to give me some thing as horlicks but that was not as good as this. Can you give this to me every day after breakfast and dinner? No no give it for snack also. It’s so yummy

Appa, appa come here and smell this. This is called horlicks. Did you get the smell? (She made him smell at least 3 times) Remember this smell when you make it next time for me okay?

Amma, better you make my horlicks every day.

P.S: We were giving her milk+turmericpowder+sugar for last one week as she had cough ‘n cold. this time the combination was milk+horlicks+sugar.