Just for Smile – 6

Adi: Mommy I am just pretending to be Ila’s mom. She is my child.
Me: Nice… do you know how much it takes to be a mom? Do you know what all I am doing for you?
Adi: I know (by nodding her head)
Me: I go to office and work
Come early in the evening to pick up you
Help you with reading
Help you with writing
Make your dinner
Clean your room
Read stories to you
Take you to dance class
And so on…
She added couple of other points like makes her snack, help her to change dress etc…

Adi: why do you never make me play what I want? Do you know what all it takes to be a child?
Adi: I eat my dinner all by myself
I eat my snack all by myself
I do reading
I do writing
I listen to stories that you read
I find you the mobile whenever you misplace it at home
I find you the office card whenever you misplace it at home
I go to school
I do all stuff by myself at school (but sometimes teacher helps me when I need to stick something… you know kids should not handle glues and scissors)
I play with my friends
And so on…

You see how difficult it is to be a child? Why don’t you understand?

Her list was endless and I was speechless


10 thoughts on “Just for Smile – 6

  1. அம்மா எட்டு அடி பாய் தாள் குட்டு பதினாறு அடி பாயுது!! 🙂

  2. @Meera : hmm… i guess she will do good if I stop bothering her often… sometimes I feel she is good by herself… you know me… its hard for me to keep away from her and most of the times the comments I get from her are “amma stop bothering me dont you see that am busy with something”, “amma stop it now I dont want you to say I love you so many times”, “amma I dont like it when you praise me too much” :-(( kali kalam

    @Akila : welcome… how are you

    @KK : பதினாறு அடியா இந்த கால பசங்க அறுபத்தி நாலு அடி பாயரங்க!!! 🙂

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