snowy snowy snowy & happy weekend

Pictures speak about our weekend.

Saturday was spent with watching snow, making cards for next door grand’s and exploring the new digital frame.

Sunday evening, we visited grand’s house to greet them for Christmas

Grand H’s home
knock knock knock – no response

Grand T and C’s home
knock knock knock – no response

We were very much disappointed and tried the last door with no faith

Grand M and P’s home
knock knock knock – Surprise !!!!!

Grand C opened the door and the four sisters were celebrating Grand M’s (eldest) birthday. It was perfect timing. We joined the party at an American’s house for the first time. Adi, got the piece of cake with flower and enjoyed watching some stuff in television while we all had a good chat for more than an hour. It was a different and pleasant experience. It was so nice to see the bonding between four sisters.  They are awesome.

Later the day Grand H visited us to wish Adi for Christmas.

We also did some investments for Adi’s future which made the weekend even more special.

Needless to say it was a beautiful weekend.


5 thoughts on “snowy snowy snowy & happy weekend

  1. thanks… it took more than 2 hours to make these cards. most of the time spent on chosing colors to write the greetings. its hard for both of us to settle down on one color.

    yes ofcourse she sang the traditional bday song but we didnt embarrass granny by asking age….. you know ladies always (ok mostly) hold their age as a secret factor

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