Christmas Vacation

Adi is on vacation till Jan 4th.  We had been to an indoor water park resort at next state for couple of days.  Adi  wrote a letter to Santa, played at cub club, game station, enjoyed water park rides and story time at resort lobby during night time,  face painting etc. The stay was pleasant. She was a cute doll all through the trip not cribbing for anything. Daddy and the girl were scared to try roller coaster rides and the bravo Mommy had to try all of them alone. Still I didn’t miss any ride.

This week we are taking turns to stay at home. The first thing Adi checks every morning is “who is going to stay with me today?” and sticks to that person.

On a side note M named me as “Plan Sundari” for all the plans I made for above trip and the plans I am making for upcoming holidays. He also named Adi as “Junior Plan Sundari” after this incident.

Adi: Dadda, can you get me munchkins from dunkins
M: Pappa, it seems there are no more munchkins left at the store
Adi: Its okay, then we shall buy big donuts
M: Pappa, it looks like there are no more donuts too
Adi: Appo, we shall buy lollipop at the shop near our home
M: hmm so you need to buy something or the other before reaching home?
Adi: Yes, let’s check it at the store. if there are no munchkins then we can buy donuts, if there are no donuts then we can buy lollipops but we need to buy something okay?

Like mom like child… we will always have an alternate plan in hand when the real plan doesn’t work out.



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