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Show n Tell – letter K

We made a kite for letter K and had a rehearsal at home for today’s Show n Tell.

Good afternoon boys and girls
My show and tell for today is my Kite start with letter K
Kite’s spelling is K.I.T.E
I named my kite as rainbow decorations. 
It has colors like pink, green, blue, orange and yellow.
Thank You…
Zing zang zoom zing zang zoom
Go around the kids once and place the Kite safetly in the Coby

Waiting to hear the story from her in the evening.

Also, today she will bring home an earth craft made at school with balloon.
It has been hanging at her class for past one week and she is showing it to me every day when I pick her.

She says like this “See this is the earth craft I made.  But dont ask the teacher for it today I can bring it home only on Friday okay?”


Question Rani

The queen of questions is developing her skills on minutely basis. Sample 50 questions from recent times

1. What is earth quake?
2. Will there be earth quake in India?
3. Why there is no earth quake here?
4. Why no human lives in other planets?
5. What is the color of Neptune / Uranus?
6. Where will the sun be at night time?
7. Why is the moon following me everywhere?
8. Why does the moon’s shape change everyday?
9. Why the clouds are sometimes white and sometimes black?
10. How can we sometimes see moon at daytime but cannot see sun at nighttime?
11. What will happen when you go near the sun?
12. Do these clouds go to India?
13. Can we walk along with these clouds to reach India?
14. Will there be bed in India to sleep?
15. How big will it be?
16. How can everyone in the family sleep in that bed?
17. If everyone sleeps in different room then will there be lot of bedrooms in India?
18. Is India house very big?
19. How do people sleep in floor?
20. What is a mat?
21. How big will the mat be?
22. What is 1-way?
23. Can there be a 3-way, 4-way, 5-way?
24. Why do we call some road as avenues and some road as streets?
25. Why are we not calling 70 as “seventy zero” when we can call 71 as “seventy one”?
26. Why pigeons don’t have jacket?
27. What will they do when they feel cold?
28. Where will the baby pigeon stay?
29. Why there is no red/green pigeon?
30. Why babies cannot speak?
31. How will a baby say when it feels hungry?
32. Do babies wear slippers when they sleep?
33. Why there are no leaves in the tree during winter?
34. Does it snow in India?
35. When will we go to India?
36. Why do you ask me to eat vegetables every day?
37. Can we eat leaves?
38. If we can eat spinach why not other leaves?
39. Why is “K” silent in “Knife”? Why at all “K” in this word?
40. What is Republic Day?
41. When is it Republic Day at US?
42. Why is it only holiday at India for Republic Day?
43. When will I become a mummy?
44. How much old will you and daddy be when I become 10 years old?
45. Can I work in your office next to you when I am ready to work?
46. What work do you do at office?
47. Is daddy and you are working in same office?
48. What will your manager say if you go late to work?
49. Why do you pack boxes for both of you every day?
50. Last but not the least. The famous question, few minutes after dumping everything inside “did I eat my dinner today?”

 Enough is enough the list is endless.

 If you are tired of reading the questions imagine my situation I need to address these questions every day. You can see that most of the times the next question is framed from my previous answer. She is driving my nuts. I am thinking twice no no thrice before answering her. Like mom like daughter. I heard that I was like this in my childhood. Now, I realize that it is easy to ask questions. I hear my mom happily singing “Anubhavi rani anubhavi”

Food Special Week – Continues

 Happened to go for a boardwalk last evening and had candle light dinner at Chinese Thai restaurant. Here is the menu

Schezwan fried rice
Shanghai traditional chicken with soy sauce and wine
Fried banana with vanilla ice cream
Hot pancakes topped with dates/nuts and vanilla ice cream

This was unplanned. Let me see what’s in store for coming weekend (may be pazhaiya sadam?)

Adi enjoyed the deserts and the best part is after reaching home ~11 pm she asked me “Mommy what is for my dinner and snacks today?”. I was about to hang myself.

Food Special

Well, this long weekend was all around food, food, food

Friday’s special – Rava laddu, Poha (you might think as what is special with this simple recipe. It is special for me as I tried it first time).  Adi was at kitchen every other hour to get one rava laddu. After first few visits she even stopped asking for it as I know she had come for the laddu. Just coming to kitchen and opening her mouth served the laddu for her.

Saturday’s special – Gulab jamun, Murungakkai-lilva beans kara kuzhambu

Sunday’s special – Lunch at friend’s place
Sakarai pongal
Raddish sambar
Milagu kuzhambu
Moore kuzhambu
Cabbage kootu
Vendaikai poriyal
Potato masala
Cauliflower poriyal
Ulundu vadai
Semiya payasam

Monday’s special – Poha again, Raddish sambar, Vendaikai poriyal, Spinach paratha

Those who know me already please believe this except Sunday all other day dishes were made by me.

Tuesday’s special – Back to normal after all this guys. All left over’s packed in box 🙂

Just three more days (today is half past) for the next weekend.

Have a good week everyone

Happy Pongal

Happy Pongal to one and all.  We celebrated it simple with just sakkarai and ven pongal. Adi demanded for rava laddu and gulab jamun. I promised to make it on coming long weekend.  Her request was “Can you make it on Friday itself so that I can eat it on all 3 days of my holiday? Also, dont forget to add more cashews to rava laddu”

Yesterday’s evening conversation
Mommy, why do we call the cap I wear as monkey cap?
Me: well !@#$%^&* I don’t know really… I hate to say “don’t know” to her but can’t help it sometimes
Adi: If this is a monkey cap then am I a monkey? shall we just call this as cap or pink cap? I dont want to be a monkey
Me: Agreed… I got used to the word “monkey cap” from my childhood. Bare with me for a while. I will soon practice to call it as “pink cap”

With the help of Adi’s questioning capability I get to know some stuff that we practice without knowing the reason behind it.

3D experience

The family watched Avatar this weekend at IMAX. It was a terrific experience. I am not qualified to speak about the film. All that I can say is I enjoyed the film in spite of reaching the theater late by 5 minutes and got seats at different rows. Adi was on my lap and I could feel her 3d effect jerks. This is her first 3D experience. Being her self she let me watch the film in peace though she did not like it much. After that we had lunch at Chipotle, a Mexican restaurant and then reached home in the evening after roaming around NY streets.

Pics – This is how we are stepping out of the house these days and the other one are the sun made by Adi with refrigerator magnets. She was behind us to take a picture of this. At one point she started asking “why are you not taking a picture of this? why are you always saying later later later? can you please tell me when will you really take the picture?”

google Vs parents

We were reading the book “Cat in the hat”.  M was browsing beside. Adi turned towards M and asked Dadda can you google about what does cat eat? Also, can you google and show me the picture of Accordion?

Anything she wants to know/learn about she prefers google than us.  I didn’t expect her to judge us so early.
I am looking for the day when she would pull the laptop from us and google by herself by passing the comment  “how long will you take to search for this simple one?”

                                                                                                                                    – By the proud, helpless and encyclopedic parents 😦

My fears are nearing – need help

This was always at the back of my mind. How to handle situations when Adi starts saying lies. Yes, it is inevitable with any kid. I cannot hide the fact by saying my kid never lies blah blah blah. She started recently 

Me : Adi, why did you spill the water? Can’t you be careful pattumma?
Adi: I did not spill it amma. It was appa but don’t ask appa okay? She repeats don’t ask appa till I reply as “Ok I will not ask him”

Daddy, mommy said I can watch 3 television shows but don’t ask amma okay?

Mommy, appa asked me to take two lollipops but don’t ask appa okay?

I keep reiterating to her that it is okay to accept mistakes. Mommy or daddy will not say anything if you are honest but we will not encourage falsehood. We intentionally did not yell at her for couple of mischiefs. Difficult to handle huh?

I don’t expect her to be like harichandra but the least she should not hide big matters from me down the lane. I should give her the confidence of being a friend than a parent. She should feel free to share not all but most of her emotions with me. It is not easy to bring this into practice. I wish to be with her at all her difficult times and wish to be the first person to share her joy and sorrow. I should learn to strike a balance between being a parent and a friend. My mom did this pretty well and succeeded on it. It is all about building a trust between the relationships.

Will I succeed in this effort? Am I worrying too early? Any suggestions on how to handle this?