Archive | January 5, 2010

My fears are nearing – need help

This was always at the back of my mind. How to handle situations when Adi starts saying lies. Yes, it is inevitable with any kid. I cannot hide the fact by saying my kid never lies blah blah blah. She started recently 

Me : Adi, why did you spill the water? Can’t you be careful pattumma?
Adi: I did not spill it amma. It was appa but don’t ask appa okay? She repeats don’t ask appa till I reply as “Ok I will not ask him”

Daddy, mommy said I can watch 3 television shows but don’t ask amma okay?

Mommy, appa asked me to take two lollipops but don’t ask appa okay?

I keep reiterating to her that it is okay to accept mistakes. Mommy or daddy will not say anything if you are honest but we will not encourage falsehood. We intentionally did not yell at her for couple of mischiefs. Difficult to handle huh?

I don’t expect her to be like harichandra but the least she should not hide big matters from me down the lane. I should give her the confidence of being a friend than a parent. She should feel free to share not all but most of her emotions with me. It is not easy to bring this into practice. I wish to be with her at all her difficult times and wish to be the first person to share her joy and sorrow. I should learn to strike a balance between being a parent and a friend. My mom did this pretty well and succeeded on it. It is all about building a trust between the relationships.

Will I succeed in this effort? Am I worrying too early? Any suggestions on how to handle this?