google Vs parents

We were reading the book “Cat in the hat”.  M was browsing beside. Adi turned towards M and asked Dadda can you google about what does cat eat? Also, can you google and show me the picture of Accordion?

Anything she wants to know/learn about she prefers google than us.  I didn’t expect her to judge us so early.
I am looking for the day when she would pull the laptop from us and google by herself by passing the comment  “how long will you take to search for this simple one?”

                                                                                                                                    – By the proud, helpless and encyclopedic parents 😦

3 thoughts on “google Vs parents

  1. Hi Suji,
    How are you?
    Read most of your posts.Nice ones!!!:) Trying to catch up with the remaining posts.
    And my hi to Adi!:)


  2. J, welcome to my space you can address me as Ani. Suji is the name of my teddy and I was using that as my pet/nick name until Adi entered my life… now life is revolving around Adi… I didn’t even remember that I had a blog @ blogspot till your blog mandated login to post comment… the name Suji itself makes me feel nostalgic… catch u later tc

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