Archive | January 11, 2010

3D experience

The family watched Avatar this weekend at IMAX. It was a terrific experience. I am not qualified to speak about the film. All that I can say is I enjoyed the film in spite of reaching the theater late by 5 minutes and got seats at different rows. Adi was on my lap and I could feel her 3d effect jerks. This is her first 3D experience. Being her self she let me watch the film in peace though she did not like it much. After that we had lunch at Chipotle, a Mexican restaurant and then reached home in the evening after roaming around NY streets.

Pics – This is how we are stepping out of the house these days and the other one are the sun made by Adi with refrigerator magnets. She was behind us to take a picture of this. At one point she started asking “why are you not taking a picture of this? why are you always saying later later later? can you please tell me when will you really take the picture?”