Archive | January 19, 2010

Food Special

Well, this long weekend was all around food, food, food

Friday’s special – Rava laddu, Poha (you might think as what is special with this simple recipe. It is special for me as I tried it first time).  Adi was at kitchen every other hour to get one rava laddu. After first few visits she even stopped asking for it as I know she had come for the laddu. Just coming to kitchen and opening her mouth served the laddu for her.

Saturday’s special – Gulab jamun, Murungakkai-lilva beans kara kuzhambu

Sunday’s special – Lunch at friend’s place
Sakarai pongal
Raddish sambar
Milagu kuzhambu
Moore kuzhambu
Cabbage kootu
Vendaikai poriyal
Potato masala
Cauliflower poriyal
Ulundu vadai
Semiya payasam

Monday’s special – Poha again, Raddish sambar, Vendaikai poriyal, Spinach paratha

Those who know me already please believe this except Sunday all other day dishes were made by me.

Tuesday’s special – Back to normal after all this guys. All left over’s packed in box 🙂

Just three more days (today is half past) for the next weekend.

Have a good week everyone