Archive | January 29, 2010

Show n Tell – letter K

We made a kite for letter K and had a rehearsal at home for today’s Show n Tell.

Good afternoon boys and girls
My show and tell for today is my Kite start with letter K
Kite’s spelling is K.I.T.E
I named my kite as rainbow decorations. 
It has colors like pink, green, blue, orange and yellow.
Thank You…
Zing zang zoom zing zang zoom
Go around the kids once and place the Kite safetly in the Coby

Waiting to hear the story from her in the evening.

Also, today she will bring home an earth craft made at school with balloon.
It has been hanging at her class for past one week and she is showing it to me every day when I pick her.

She says like this “See this is the earth craft I made.  But dont ask the teacher for it today I can bring it home only on Friday okay?”