Archive | February 2, 2010

Just for smile – 7

Me (to M): Do you know at A’s family they decided to do blah blah blah. It seems A is going to blah blah blah
Adi (Interrupting seriously): Mommy, why do you always refer Apple’s name as A. How will I know about whom you are talking? Whether its Apple or Apricot. I really get confused. So, just call A as Apple OKAY?

Hmmmm. My intention of mentioning as A is to keep Adi away from these talks and not to make her follow our talks. what do I do now? The message is reaching the kid faster than the daddy.

I can relate this with milk. We used the word “milk” till she was 2. Then, started spelling it out like M.I.L.K till she was 3. Then used the word “dhoodh” for a while, then used signs for a while and now left with no option.  Before I show the sign to him she says “Amma I don’t want milk now or Amma I need the milk right in front of me at the count of three”

Seriously thinking does mobile text option help? Guess on few days she can read my texts too 😦