Archive | February 8, 2010

Just for smile – 8

M : Shall we buy PC for this week?
Me : I am not sure if that will be available at the shop we are visiting
M : Ok let’s check it out
Adi: Mommy, what is that daddy talking about? PC?
Me : I don’t know pappa. Check with daddy
Adi: Daddy, what is PC?
M : I am not sure pappa. We have to see if its in the shop (we just wanted to avoid her tantrum if we cannot buy it)
Adi: If you are talking about PC and you are going to buy it then you should definitely know about it.  Why are you simply telling lies?

It was a nethi adi to M.  He didn’t know how to react and with an innocent face he said “Pappa I remember now it is Pan Cake”

Adi: Phew when don’t you simply say as “Pan Cake” why PC? (Her face gesture was as if she is tired of guessing after us for every single thing)

M and Me: !@#$%^&*