Archive | February 11, 2010

Schools are closed for past two days

because of the severe blizzard. We all were hibernating since Tuesday.

I have come to office today where as the girl and daddy are still under the blanket at home. We used this time to do couple of activities. We baked our first cookie and made few handy crafts.

The cookie story is obvious. I messed up the dough after whisking the mix for a solid half hour and the chief chef of the household stepped in at final stage, corrected the dough and took all the credits from the little girl. Needless to say Adi had loads of fun mixing the sugar and butter, breaking/mixing the eggs and making the cookie shapes.

Below are the crafts we made. They are very easy to make.

Hearty hands is a valentine day special and steps are also explained.You can try this with a piece of white/red paper. It doesn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Paper bat was Adi’s choice. The decoration on bat’s body was all made by her.

Earth was made in the school with balloon and paper. Guess, you remember the earth from this post.

If the school is closed tomorrow then this will be a holiday week for her as next Monday is a public holiday. She would return to school only on next Tuesday. I envy her. She is hooked on to TV for at least 3-4 hours every day. This is going above my head now. Have to soon find a way to engage her into something else. Hand craft is one of that option.