Just for smile – 9

On the way back home yesterday evening

Adi: Mommy do we all have baby in the tummy?
Me: (arambichita da) rolling my eyes and with a fear of what else is in store said “No pappa only mummies will have”
Adi: So, you mean I will have it after I become like you? For her all grown up ladies are mummies.
Me: hmm yes and no. If you want you can have it. If you don’t want you don’t need to have it. I can feel that I started bluffing.
Adi: But you said all mummies will have it. How can I not have it?
Me: there are some ways to have the baby. Again If you want you can have it. If you don’t want you don’t need to have it
Adi: Crying out loud on the street with tears flowing. I don’t want to have any baby in my tummy.
Adi: I never ever want a baby in my tummy. She was not ready to hear me and went on with her pulambals about not having a baby
Me: Cooked up something in the meanwhile and said pappa there is an injection that helps to have baby. Only if you take that injection you will get baby. Otherwise you will not. So, you can opt not to have that injection happy?
Adi: Is it like the injection that we get in our hands when we fall sick?
Me: yes da but this one they will put it on our tummy as the baby comes out of the tummy (Sigh with a big relief not knowing the next question in line)

So, if they put it on our ears then will the baby come out of our ears?

We reached home by then and something else grabbed her attention.
God please save me from bluffing and speaking nonsense when she attacks me with these  kind of questions.
At least if M is nearby I would happily direct half the questions to him.

6 thoughts on “Just for smile – 9

  1. Ila too ask such questions (not to the extent of baby out of ears 😀 )… I usually give some answer and quickly change to different topic and luckily Ila get’s on to the new topic 🙂

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